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Silk Bedding

For centuries silk has been valued for its ability to retain natural oils in both skin and hair.

Even the moist luxurious, fine cotton bedding steals essential moisture, contributing to the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and split ends. Sleeping on silk bedding prevents the rubbing friction on the hair and skin, leaving hair sleeker and skin smoother.

Mulberry Silk is the highest quality silk you can buy. It is produced by silk worms that are fed an exclusive diet of chopped mulberry leaves. Approximately 3,000 silk worms are needed to produce just one pound of silk!

The Mulberry Silk thread that results from these efforts is the strongest natural fibre in the world, making it incredibly durable with the correct care. This thread is not only durable, but is also rounder, finer and smoother than silk harvested from the wild. Each silk thread is made up of proteins in the form of nourishing amino acids, making skin more supple and hair more lustrous.

Sheets and pillowcases made of silk should have a minimum momme (the standard unit of weight for silk) weight of 12 to be considered good quality. Our Mulberry silk bedding has a minimum momme weight of 19. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, antifungal, mite and mildew resistant, a temperature equalizer, and gentle to the skin. Silk adjusts to individual body temperature for year round comfort – making it the best choice for bedding.

Silk Pillowcases Taupe
Silk Pillowcases Butterscotch (Set of 2)


Silk Pillowcases Black
Silk Pillowcases Black (Set of 2)


Silk Pillow Shams White
Silk Pillow Shams White (Set of 2)


Silk Pillow Shams Vanilla Cream (Set of 2)


Silk Pillow Shams Silver Grey (Set of 2)


Silk Pillowcases Gold
Silk Pillow Shams Gold (Set of 2)

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Silk Pillow Shams for Travel Pillow (Set o...

$CA78.00   $CA23.40

Silk Pillow Shams Champagne (Set of 2)


Silk Pillow Shams Butterscotch (Set of 2)


Silk Pillow Shams Blue
Silk Pillow Shams Blue (Set of 2)


Silk Pillow Shams Black (Set of 2)


Silk Fitted Sheet White